Australis Go Long Longwear Lipsticks – Review, Photos, Swatches

Australis Longwear Lipsticks 1

Australis has just released the latest addition to their stable of popular lip products – their Go Long Longwear Lipsticks.

Australis Longwear Lipsticks 3

Available in 8 shades, Australis claims that these lipsticks last for 8 hours. Here I’ve broken down the 8 shades in alphabetical order.



Boho 1

Boho is a creamy mid-tone nude. In the tube, it’s the colour of milk chocolate, and has a faint pink undertone.

Boho 3



Diva 1

Diva is a rich and vibrant cherry red. It has strong pink undertones, and is a cool-toned red, so it’ll help your teeth look nice and white.

Diva 3

Easy Chic:

Easy Chic

Easy Chic 1

Easy Chic is a straight up cool-toned taupe. Although it fit’s within the spectrum of neutral lipsticks, the cool undertones can make this one a little harder to wear.

Easy Chic 3



Ghetto 1

Ghetto is a deep brick red-brown. It’s a little warmer in tone than a traditional red-wine shade. Although I’m not typically a fan of this type of brown-toned red, I found this lipstick surprisingly flattering on me.

Ghetto 3



Glam 1

Easily my favourite shade from this collection, Glam is a deep berry/red wine colour. It’s rich, vampy and perfect for Autumn.

Glam 3



Preppy 1

Preppy is the closest to a nude lipstick this collection offers. A pale, milky peach, it gives the muted-down appearance of nude lips, without the dreaded “concealer lips” look.

Preppy 3



Trendy 1

Trendy is a bright, barbie, bubblegum pink, and I felt very “Nicky Minaj” wearing this shade. It’s a good lipstick if you love bright, in-your-face colours, and I’m looking forward to rocking this shade in summer.

Trendy 3

Uber Cool:

Uber Cool

Uber Cool 1

In the tube, Uber Cool is a creamy mauve. When applied to my lips, it appears much more purple than in the tube. It’s a fun colour, and another one that will be great for summer.

Uber Cool 3


Australis Longwear Lipsticks 4

The Australis Go Long Longwear Lipsticks are packaged in a simple matte black tube with a metallic pink logo – very true to the Australis brand.

Texture and Pigmentation:

The Australis Go Long Longwear Lipsticks are quite a dry texture, however I didn’t find them to be especially “draggy” on my lips. Any drag I did experience was easily mitigated by a light layer of lip balm underneath. These lipsticks offer an opaque level of pigmentation, but I found I needed to layer 2-3 coats for smooth, even coverage.

Interestingly, although these do feel quite dry during application, I didn’t experience any discomfort for the duration of time that I wore these lipsticks. I found them to be comfortable and not at all drying.

Ease of Application:

In all the lip swatches above I applied these lipsticks straight from the tube. You can see that I experienced a very small level of skipping around my lipline. This could be rectified by a bit of lipliner or a quick once-over with a lip brush. Because of this, these are not the lowest maintenance long-wearing lipsticks I have ever tried, but they’re certainly not the worst either.


These did not live up the the 10 hour claims when I wore them…. but I didn’t really expect them to. I got a comfortable 6 hours of wear out of these while eating and drinking, and around 7 hours wear without eating, and drinking through a straw. Not too shabby!

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

These lipsticks are quite strongly fragranced. I personally don’t mind the smell – it’s a very strong floral/sweet smell that attempts to mask the lipstick smell (not entirely successfully). If you are sensitive to fragranced products, I recommend having a sniff of a tester before you buy.


$12.95 AUD

Available from:

Online at Australis.

In store at Priceline, Kmart Australia and Big W.

*Products mentioned in this article were provided for editorial consideration.

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