Brand Highlight: Ellis Faas

Ellis Faas is a brand that I have been peripherally aware of for a number of years, but never really took an interest in. I was obviously not paying attention, possibly being blinded by flashier brands with more colourful products (and bigger marketing budgets…).

When I was talking to Lara from about moving to the Netherlands, the first thing she said to me was “Lucky you, that’s┬áthe land of Ellis Faas – stock up”. I trust Lara implicitly, and know that we share very similar tastes, so I decided to take a closer look at the brand. Honestly, I don’t know why it has taken me so long, because the Ellis Faas brand aesthetic is so me.

The brand imagery is all delightfully, beautifully disturbing, with a hint of the macabre, but the products are amazingly wearable. The key premise of the brand is that each product is based on a colour that occurs naturally in the human body, so the products are theoretically universally flattering.

The packaging is breathtakingly beautiful. The inspiration for the packaging is a bullet, just another nod to the dark aesthetic, particularly considering the hallmark product from the brand is a lipstick in the perfect bloody red. The products are designed to be travel-friendly, with a few different options for toting around your Ellis Faas collection – the Ellis holder, inspired by the barrel of a gun, and Ellis clips, a sort of cross between a bullet belt and spinal vertebrae.

To say I’m obsessed with this brand is an understatement. So far I’ve picked up the foundation, and the creamy lips lipstick in Ellis Red (that’s that blood red colour I mentioned earlier). The foundation is everything I look for in foundation. It’s an ultra-sheer foundation that looks incredibly natural while evening out the skin, and adds a dewy luminescence without looking shiny or greasy. I haven’t played extensively with the lipstick yet, but the colour is nothing short of perfection.

I’m hoping to fill an Ellis holder over the coming months, and the products I want to fill it with are:

Ellis Faas Collage 4

  1. Foundation in S102 (Fair)
  2. Concealer in S202 (Fair)
  3. Creamy Lips in L101 (Ellis Red)
  4. Creamy Eyes in E126 (Warm Brown)
  5. Light E305 (Holographic Bordeaux)
  6. Light E302 (Green Gold)
  7. Blush S301 (Warm Dusty Pink)
  8. Compact Powder S401 (Fair)

Have you tried Ellis Faas? Which product do you think I should try next?

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