DIY Bridal Beauty: an interview with author Christina Butcher of Hair Romance


I can’t believe that after almost a year in the making, the DIY Bridal Beauty e-Books are launching on Wednesday! This incredible project has been so exciting, and an absolute pleasure to put together, in large part because I’ve had an absolutely incredible partner in Christina Butcher from Hair Romance.

She’s created a comprehensive guide to help you DIY the wedding hair of your dreams, and believe me, she knows her stuff! Her book is jam-packed full of her best hair tips and tricks, as well as easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials for ten beautiful hairstyles.

Christina’s philosophy is simple – love your hair – and her book will help you to feel like the very best version of yourself on your wedding day. I’ve asked her to share some details about the process of creating these books together.

What inspired you to write a book about DIY wedding hair?

I love weddings, and it’s a time when you can wear something special in your hair. So often though I hear disaster stories. I remember at my sister’s wedding when she came home after getting her hair done at a salon and it was awful. It wasn’t what she had asked for but she was too polite to say in the salon. When she got home, she took her hair out and her friend re-did her hair for her. It created so much stress on the day. If only she could have DIY’ed to begin with it would have been so much easier.
This book is for women who don’t have a trusted stylist to do their hair. Maybe it’s a destination wedding or they can’t find someone to come to them. I wanted to put all my tips and tricks in one place that’s easy to learn how to do your hair for a big event.

Of the 10 looks you shot, which one is your favourite?

Oh that’s tough! I think I love the romantic braids and flower crown with the beautiful pretty in pink makeup. I think that’s what I’d wear if I was getting married again.

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What was the most memorable moment from shooting the images for the book?

I still can’t believe you managed to find the time to work on this with me with your baby and while packing for the move to The Netherlands! You’re amazing! I think Jonaye was the bravest for posing so well in the freezing weather. Overall it was so much fun to create these looks together and shoot them with real women. I think it makes it so much more realistic and achievable for brides to do on themselves.


What sort of a timeline do you recommend for a bride who wants their hair to look great for their wedding?

If you want to grow your hair, you’ll need as much time as possible. Otherwise, with a trim and a few hair treatments you can have your hair looking it’s best in a few weeks. I recommend getting your hair coloured about a week before your wedding to allow the colour time to settle, and to leave time for corrections if necessary.

What advice would you give a bride-to-be who wanted to do their own hair for their wedding?

Practice! Anyone can do their own hair, and if you practice ahead of time you’ll know exactly how long it will take to do on the day. The best bit is, you’ll also learn some fab skills you can use after your wedding too when you need to do your hair for any event. It’s a win-win.

What hairstyles are hot for weddings at the moment?

Romantic, soft braids are a huge trend that always look beautiful. They can suit any bride from modern to classic to a relaxed beach wedding too.

What wedding hair trend do you wish would go away?

I’m not a fan of overly done brides. You want to feel like you on your wedding day, just an extra beautiful version of you. Don’t fall for a trend or go for a look that you don’t feel comfortable in. You want to look back at photos and see your relaxed, smiling face.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience of creating these books with me Christina! I’ve really loved working alongside you, and I’ve learned so much! (seriously, my braids have never looked better!)

The DIY Bridal Beauty Books will be released on the 19th of November!

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