Lipseal System by Enhance by Natural Compatibles – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

​Lip Pencil – Cool Nude Definer and Filler:

The name of this pencil is a little deceiving. I personally wouldn’t describe it as either cool nor nude. When looking at the website swatches, Warm Nude is closer to the colour of this pencil. Certainly on my skin tone (NW15) this lip pencil is a very warm rosy pink with some brown undertones.

Natural Compatibles 1

I found it very comfortable to wear – although I wouldn’t describe it as non-drying, it was definitely less drying than I expect lip pencils to be, and over time it didn’t make my lips look parched or flaky.

Natural Compatibles 2
Here it is applied alone to moisturised lips.

RRP $17.00 AUD

​Elite Lipstick in Petal:

I think this lipstick is such a pretty colour, but again, the website swatch doesn’t accurately represent the colour of this lipstick in the tube or on the lips. It is a nude-ish rosy pink with a subtle gold shimmer that is not at all chunky or glittery.

Natural Compatibles 3

This lipstick feels a little thick on my lips, but is not drying.

Natural Compatibles 4
Here it is swatched alone on my lips. I’m a little bit in love with this lipstick.

RRP: $35.00 AUD


Natural Compatibles 5

Lipseal is a clear liquid product designed to be applied over the top of Lip Liner and Lipstick to turn a regualr-wear product into a long-wear product. I followed the instructions as provided on the website.

I began by filling in my entire lips with the Lip pencil, then I topped that with the lipstick as above.

This is the Lip Liner and Lipstick applied before I applied the Lipseal.
Natural Compatibles 6

And here they are immediately after I applied the lipseal.
Natural Compatibles 7

Applying the Lipseal definitely removed the shine from my lips (although this is hard to see in a photo, as the shimmer in the lipstick emulates shine). There was a mild stinging sensation in my lips for 15-20 seconds after applying the Lipseal. After leaving my lips parted for 60 seconds to set my lips felt dry and very tacky.

Natural Compatibles 8
This picture was taken 5 1/2 hours after the initial application. In that time I applied no touch-ups, ate a meal and had 2 drinks. The colour is still there, albeit a little dry looking, and with noticeable fading in the centre of my lips. My lips did feel dry while I was trialling these products.

RRP: $20.00 AUD


The lip pencil I received is very pigmented, providing an almost fully opaque coverage of my lips.

The lipstick I received is not as pigmented, rather, it provides a sheer wash of colour over my lips.


The packaging of the Natural Compatible products I have received look a little dated to me, reminiscent of the 90’s. Having said that, their target demographic is more mature women, and this could be very appealing to that market.

As a side note, One of the changes that have been announced in their 20th year of operations is a line for younger women, with different products and packaging!

What they say:

Natural Compatibles Lip Products

Lip Pencil

NC Lip Pencil, the ultimate lip definer with palm kernel glycerides and coconut oil, to prevent bleeding, delivering a semi-matte definition to your natural lip shape. Use to maintain or restore a natural youthful lip line. Complete your lip enhancement with one of our luscious moisturising Lipsticks.


Lip Definer Pencil:

To create a balanced lip shape for colouring in.

To redefine, bring forward and make a feature of your lips.

To recreate a youthful, feminine appearance by redrawing a fading or thinning lip line.

Lip Filler Pencil:

To act as a base for longer lasting lips.

To smudge and create a muted definer outline.

Application: For a longer lasting lipstick and more Feature Focussed™ look use a dark shade of Lip Pencil to outline your lips, starting at the cupid’s bow and continue the pencil line completely around the lip line.

Use the same or a lighter shade of Lip Pencil to fill in the lips, to act as a base for a longer-lasting look. Begin filling in inside the defining line, gently smudging backwards and forwards using short feathery strokes. Ensure the entire lip area is evenly filled in.

Elite Lipstick

Intense in colour, texture and formulation, NC Elite Lipstick, the prestige lip colour is formulated with Vitamin E and conditioners – for a creamy, moist look. This luxurious lip colour glides on and stays, leaving lips feeling sensual and hydrated. Presented in exquisite black and champagne packaging.


Feature Focussing™ your primary communicating feature.

To maintain/restore youthful, feminine lips.

To detract from lines and ageing around the mouth area.


Complete the look with the Vitamin-E enriched NC Lipseal. This unique carefully formulated product will lock in lip colour for hours and hours. Prevents lipstick from smudging, fading or bleeding, ensuring a long-lasting flawless finish. Great for shine and maintaining hydration.


Prevents lipstick from smudging and bleeding.

Eliminates lipstick stain on coffee mugs, glasses and teeth.

Lipstick can last all day if sealed with Lipseal.

Application: Apply a liberal coat of Lipseal to lips after applying lip pencil and lipstick. Allow to dry with lips apart for 60 seconds for long-lasting colour stay.

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Online at Natural Compatibles

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