Face of Australia Lip Quench in Malibu Barbie – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

FOA Malibu Barbie Lip Quench 1

A bright, mid-tone barbie pink lipstick.

FOA Malibu Barbie Lip Quench 3
FOA Malibu Barbie Lip Quench 2

The name “Lip Quench” can be slightly misleading. Although I would agree that these lipsticks are non-drying, I wouldn’t say they feel particularly nourishing. After wearing this lipstick my lips are in no better or worse condition than before I applied it.


Malibu Barbie Lip Quench is quite a pigmented lipstick, and the texture reminds me of MAC’s lustre finish.

FOA Malibu Barbie Lip Quench Hand Swatch 1
FOA Malibu Barbie Lip Quench Hand Swatch 2

In a hand swatch, the lipstick is completely, blindingly opaque.

FOA Malibu Barbie Lip Quench Lip Swatch 1
FOA Malibu Barbie Lip Quench Lip Swatch 2
FOA Malibu Barbie Lip Quench Lip Swatch 3

I like to use a lip brush to apply this, which does sheer the formula out somewhat. When applied straight from the tube, it maintains a completely opaque appearance.

Ease of application:

This is an incredibly easy lipstick to apply. Due to the ultra creamy formula it glides onto my lips with no dragging whatsoever.

My only issue with the application of this particular shade of Lip Quench is that it applies quite heavily straight from the tube. As the formula warms up onto my lips, it melts and starts to settle into the lines in my lips. I mitigate this by either applying with a lip brush, or blotting with a tissue or the tips of my fingers.


Because it is so creamy, I find the wear-time for Malibu Barbie to be average. I generally like to touch up every 1.5 to 2 hours.

The positive side to this is that it ensures that my lips are consistently UV protected. I am not 100% sure, but I believe that the sunscreens in this lipstick formula are chemical, not physical. Chemical sunscreens break down after a few hours, so re-application would be recommended at any rate.


Face of Australia Lip Quench Lipsticks are all packaged in a matte black tube, with a clear disc in the top of the lid, allowing you to see at a glance, which colour you need.

FOA Malibu Barbie Lip Quench 4

I don’t find the Lip Quench packaging to be particularly appealing, but it is functional, and for the price point it certainly does the trick.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

All of the Face of Australia Lip Quenches have quite a pungent “old-fashioned” lipstick smell. Some people love it, other people hate it. I don’t love it, but once it’s on my lips I can’t smell it, so it doesn’t worry me.

I have it on very good authority (hi Tina!) that the reason these lipsticks are so pungent has something to do with the SPF rating. The cosmetic chemists are not able to improve the smell without reducing the Sun Protection Factor, and this is not a compromise that FoA have been prepared to make. I say kudos to them.

What they say:

Enriched with natural moisturisers and emollients including Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E & Shea Butter, this rich, creamy lipstick provides beautiful colour in a hydrating formula that protects your lips from harmful UV rays.

Nourishes and protects whilst delivering smooth, even colour that caresses the curves of your lips. Maintain soft and supple lips and protect them from the ageing effects of the sun for totally kissable lips.

Available from:

Priceline, Big W and Kmart

Online at Fashion Addict (international shipping available)

Disclaimer: I have never received this product for editorial consideration. I purchased this product for my own personal use. Shortly after purchasing it I received this same lipstick as gratis for my work as a Makeup Artist.


$9.45 AUD
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