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FOA Lasting Looks Lip Creme 2

Face of Australia is one of the darlings of the Australian Beauty Blogging community, and one of their most popular product lines are their Lip Quench Lipsticks. Well hold on to your horses, because they have released a competitor product, their “Lasting Looks Lip Cremes”, and I for one think they are a huge improvement on the Lip Quench formula. Even better news, these are a permanent addition to the Face of Australia range!

FOA Lasting Looks Lip Cremes 3

In this first release, there are 7 shades – snd I can almost guarantee there’ll be at least one shade in this range that will appeal to you, no matter what your lipstick style.


FOA Rubies Tube

Rubies (Rubies are Forever) is a rich brick red in the tube, with a healthy amount of frosted shimmer. It is not as opaque on my lips as the hand swatch lead me to believe it would be.

FOA Rubies Hand Swatch

On my lips, it’s quite a muted red, and would be very easy to wear if you have warm/yellow undertones to your skin. I don’t love it on me as it clashes with my cool toned skin.

FOA Rubies Lip Swatch


FOA For-red-er Tube

For-Red-Er (For-Red-Er & a Day) is a classic bombshell red with no shimmer and a highly opaque finish when swatches as well as when applied to my lips.

FOA For-red-er Hand Swatch

On my hand it is quite a cherry toned red, however when I apply it to my lips it appears much more neutral, even leaning slightly warm.

FOA For-red-er Lip Swatch

Love Berry

FOA Love Berry Tube

Love Berry (Berry Long Time) is a warm-toned fuschia pink with no discernible shimmer.

FOA Love Berry Hand Swatch

When swatched on my hand it looks like quite an easy-to-wear shade. On my lips it becomes a lot brighter, but as fuschia’s go, it is still a very wearable tone, even if you’re not accustomed to bright lips.

FOA Love Berry Lip Swatch

Coral On

FOA Coral On Tube

Coral On (Coral On & On) is a pale to medium toned peachy coral shade. It is one of the least opaque shades in the range.

FOA Coral On Hand Swatch

When worn, this is not an in-your-face shocking coral. I would wear this to complement a full makeup look, rather than wearing it as a statement lip on it’s own. It’s a great colour for tanned skin this summer.

FOA Coral On Lip Swatch

Till Plum

FOA Til Plum Tube

till Plum (Till Plum in the Face) is a semi-sheer, rich purple plum shade that has me longing for cooler weather.

FOA Til Plum Hand Swatch

It’s not fully opaque, which is actually (in my opinion) quite beautiful with this type of lip colour.

FOA Til Plum Lip Swatch

Many Moons

FOA Many Moons Tube

Many Moons (For Many a Moon) is the closest shade in this range to a MLBB shade (my lips but better).

FOA Many Moons Hand Swatch

It’s a neutral browny-rose shade that would be almost universally flattering. It contains no shimmer and would be a safe and easy choice for a conservative workplace.

FOA Many Moons Lip Swatch

Permanently Pink

FOA Permanently Pink Tube

Perm Pink (Permanently Pink) is a soft frosted sherbert rose pink.

FOA Permanently Pink Hand Swatch

It’s my least favourite colour from this collection, because the combination of colour and shimmer is quite reminiscent of the 80’s. I’ll be using this as a lip highlight rather than a full lip colour. By applying it over another lipstick, just in the centre of my bottom lip, it will give the illusion of a full and lustrous bottom lip.

FOA Permanently Pink Lip Swatch


FOA Lasting Looks Lip Creme 1

Face of Australia has really hit it out of the park with the packaging on these lipsticks. They are sleek and elegant in appearance. Although they aren’t what I would describe as hefty, they don’t feel cheap, light or plasticky, and they close with a satisfying “click”. This is a lipstick I would be more than happy to pull out in public to reapply if I needed to.

FOA Lasting Looks Lip Cremes 4


The Face of Australia Lasting Looks Lip Cremes feel ultra creamy during application, however I have not found them to bleed or travel – they pretty much stay put. On initial application, they feel quite hydrating, and as they dry-down, they don’t seem to dry my lips out at all. Having said that, I would carefully exfoliate your lips before application, as they do have a tendency to highlight any lip flakes (as seen in the lip swatches above.)

Ease of Application

I personally really enjoy the shape of the bullets in these lipsticks, and I find it perfectly adequate to apply them straight from the tube. If you prefer to use a lip brush, these lipsticks are more than creamy enough to apply well either way.


The darker and brighter shades in this collection have a longer wear time than the paler shades. I find them to wear quite well over 7 hours, even through eating and drinking, as long as it is nothing greasy. The fact that they do lightly stain my lips means that they wear quite elegantly, even when they do start to fade.


Face of Australia describes these lipsticks as having a vanilla fragrance, and if I practically shove it up my nose I can smell it, but it’s not as strong as say M.A.C lipsticks – I prefer my lipsticks very lightly fragranced or fragrance free at the moment (pregnancy has made me ultra sensitive to smells) so this suits me just fine. It is, however, a pleasant smell.


$10.95 each


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